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As part of Changing for Excellence, KU Information Technology developed a new model for technology support on campus. The Technology Support Center (TSC) model was created to provide better service to our customers, leverage the knowledge and skills of support teams, provide professional growth opportunities for support staff and contribute cost savings toward Bold Aspirations priorities.

The Technology Support Center model is a hybrid between centralized and decentralized support models. This hybrid model is based on:

  • Centrally managed support teams that are located in close proximity to the customers they serve
  • A tiered structure that gives frontline support staff the ability to escalate particularly difficult service issues
  • Shared decision-making between unit leader and KU IT to meet customer needs
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Benefits of the Technology Support Center (TSC) Model:

  • Consistent Support
  • More IT Resources
  • Knowledgeable back up staff
  • Cost savings through reallocation and cost avoidance
  • Open lines of communication between unit leader and TSC leaders
  • Efficiency in support and procurement
  • Provide IT support for units that have no funding for IT support
  • Cost savings through the elimination of competitive hiring within the University
  • Cost savings through avoidance of replicated facilities and operating costs
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Training & Professional Development
  • More IT Resources
  • Tiered Support
  • Back up for vacation or other absences

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Technology Support Centers

KU Technology Support Centers (TSC) offer a diverse range of technology support for faculty and staff. Our mission is to provide our KU customers with solutions to help them adapt and learn in the changing environment of Information Technology. We strive to exceed expectations and provide for future growth of KU.

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