Research File Storage

Row of computer servers in racks in KU's Data Center

Research File Storage (ResFS) provides easily accessible file sharing services to KU research projects, research groups and service labs. Any tenure track faculty member, designated research center, department or principal investigator on a research grant can purchase ResFS storage.

Stored data is accessible within the KU network or remotely via the KU Anywhere virtual private network (VPN). ResFS is protected by a RAID system. Data that is inadvertantly deleted or otherwise lost can be recovered through self-service snapshots. A Snapshot is a 'frozen,' read-only view of a volume that provides easy access to previous versions of files and directories for up to 30 days. To recover data, follow our Knowledge Base articles for PC or Mac. ResFS data is also mirrored in the KUMC datacenter for major disaster recovery purposes only.

If you need help with Research File Storage, please contact your IT Support Staff, or the KU IT Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or  

Research File Storage Cost

The Office of Research subsidizes ResFS, lowering the cost for researchers, faculty, departments, research projects and principal investigators.

250 gigabytes (GB): 
No cost for the first 250GB.

More than 250GB: 
Additional storage can be purchased in 1TB increments at a cost of $75 per terabyte, per year. Minimum purchase is 1TB.

Request New Research File Storage or Increase to Existing Storage 

For a new storage allotment, please complete the Research File Storage Request Form in ServiceNow. For for an increase in your current storage allotment, please complete the ServiceNow Research File Storage Increase Request Form.

Questions or Assistance

Please direct any questions related to pricing verification or capacity, contact our IT Support Staff, or the KU IT Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or

Please note: RFS pricing and capacity will be reviewed annually (previous pricing update May 2019).