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Biology Team

Phone: 785-864-5111

Support Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M - F
After Hours Support: KU IT Customer Service Center: | 785-864-8080

Biology Team Members

Rick Evanhoe
Rick Evanhoe
IT Support Technician Sr.
105A Spooner Hall
Headshot of Haris Khan
Muhammad (Haris) Khan
IT Support Technician Senior
SBC room 1037
Headshot of Matt Ochs
Matt Ochs
IT Support Technician Senior
Gray-Little Hall room 1140L
Tyler Steiner
IT Coordinator
1006 Haworth Hall, Room 1006

Units/Departments Supported by the Biology Team

The Biology Team supports:

Computational Biology
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Hall Center for the Humanities
Institute for Policy & Social Research
Molecular Biosciences
Undergraduate Biology Program

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Biology TSC Manager
Jake Coffman

Seth Pelzer
Price Computing Center,
Room 204

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